20 March 2016

How to Pass Functional Skills English Level 2: The Reading Exam

In the new Edexcel Functional Skills English Reading exam the words conveying information have mysteriously disappeared. For the 2015 and 2016 Academic Year the question has been replaced where students have to explain, instead, the methods that a writer uses to convince the reader that their argument is correct,

This is, effectively, asking how persuasive language (and associated presentational features) is used in order to convince the reader of the righteousness of an issue or topic. This video works through this question and, hopefully, once you have watched it you will have a deeper understanding of the question. If you want to pass Functional Skills Reading then you will need to – as out of 30 marks this is work 4 which is 13% of the marks. You all know what a difference 13% can make in any exam!

There are also videos available from the YouTube channel “Teaching and Learning Resources for Me” that cover the rest of the questions in the exam. If you want to know how to pass Functional Skills English then these are a good starting point!

Good luck!

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