27 March 2016

Analyse Texts in Relation to Audience Needs: Functional Skills English

Do you know how to pass Level 2 Functional Skills Reading?  One way of doing it is to prepare as thoroughly as you can and this video is one of a series created by Teaching and Learning Resources for Me.  You are given a breakdown of the question – what skills you need in order to answer it (and you probably already have them!) and then gives you a really good idea about how to approach it in the exam with a good example to boot.  You should really do this with a past paper by your side so, if you are not in a classroom, you can take this information and learn how to answer this question through practice!  This question assesses skills standard L2.2.5 (analyse texts in relation to audience needs and consider suitable responses).

20 March 2016

How to Pass Functional Skills English Level 2: The Reading Exam

In the new Edexcel Functional Skills English Reading exam the words conveying information have mysteriously disappeared. For the 2015 and 2016 Academic Year the question has been replaced where students have to explain, instead, the methods that a writer uses to convince the reader that their argument is correct,

This is, effectively, asking how persuasive language (and associated presentational features) is used in order to convince the reader of the righteousness of an issue or topic. This video works through this question and, hopefully, once you have watched it you will have a deeper understanding of the question. If you want to pass Functional Skills Reading then you will need to – as out of 30 marks this is work 4 which is 13% of the marks. You all know what a difference 13% can make in any exam!

There are also videos available from the YouTube channel “Teaching and Learning Resources for Me” that cover the rest of the questions in the exam. If you want to know how to pass Functional Skills English then these are a good starting point!

Good luck!

13 March 2016

Purpose of Texts for the New Level 2 Functional Skills English Reading Exam

…and then there was one.  While there used to be two ‘purpose of text’ questions in the old Functional Skills Level 2 Reading exam now there is only one.  However, a mark is a mark is a mark and this important skill is covered in the video above.

It informs students of the best way to approach the question in the exam, giving some examples using a method which frankly can’t go wrong. There are also three example texts towards the end of the video.  Have fun!

Suitable for Purpose Questions in the New Level 2 Functional Skills English

Change is in the air for Functional Skills English.  OK, it’s a done deal and while there was a pattern to the old exam a new one is emerging.  One of the ‘new’ questions is where students must say why one of three texts is most suitable for a given purpose.

It’s a bit of a misleading question, if you ask me. It seems to demand that all three texts are revisited when, in truth, that is not the case. If you are told which is the most suitable for something, why look at the other texts?  Anyway, this is usually going to be question 4 in the exam.

This video covers the question as it currently appears in the Edexcel Level 2 Functional Skills Reading exam.  It also gives students the opportunity to have a go at three example questions at the end.  Have fun!

Language Features in the New Level 2 Functional Skills English

Although perhaps not entirely unexpected, Level 2 Functional Skills English has changed and become something closer to the GCSE.  Whereas it used to focus on purely… functional English students must now learn about things like metaphors and similes.  Quite what will separate the two exams in the future is anyone’s guess.

However, needs must.  Here is a video which runs through the language features that students will need to learn.  It also shows where and how it will appear in the exam and there are even a few multiple choice questions at the end of the video.  Enjoy!  This is designed for Edexcel Functional Skills English.